Stop the hate

Start the love

1. Don't be scared of the dark, it leads to light, don't scare others into submission and submit police reports to God alone as that sorts out things, just remember people aren't God, so don't submit to anyone, same deal

2. Don't follow rules, make and break them

3. Don't let others blame you for their not adhering to 1, 2, and scare them off, it's not a challenge nor a threat to a known abuser, because that's literally always an abuser you're scaring, as only abuser can be scared, not the victim, so don't be scared, and it's not my job to parent you

4. Take credit for your work, take pride in it, be so proud, so boastful, so loud that they have to change, and don't worry about copyrights when you sample, you're always right, as writers, we have certain privileges, executive functions are our province, so bitch, husee, gangster, real gangsta, personally it's just not right, it won't sit right, like your clothes, they just don't sit right, so i'm going to sit here until things change, don't try to change me, by force, tricks that ain't my territory, just behave, bitch please (it's a song by Snoop)